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17 months old $1800 - I describe her as a pocket rocket, she's a nice small to medium size but EXTREMELY fast when playing and never misses the Frisbee no matter how fast or far you throw it! She loves the water and any type of ball or toy game you play. Excellent hunt drive to retrieve anything and may be very good for a single purpose dog as well.

Settles nicely in the house and used to living in a house, kennel & using a dog crate. When locked up she's super mellow and also when out in public she's the same, quite laid back. She hasn't had contact with tons of people (we live in a rural area and most of her time has been spent in the woods) but at the store she will wag her tail and sniff everyone up who walks by! Great in the car too and LOVES car rides!

She is handler soft when out of drive but in drive she can handle a correction but really does not need on since she's so willing to work for a toy or food! So a softer handler / family is a must to make this relationship work!

Must be picked up or transported via ground shipper. Closest airport to accommodate sized crate is 220 miles from us and I'm just not able to do that round trip.

A stamp Hips a1 and Elbows a3 DM clear ZW 87

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